Restaurants and Venue Hire

Planning an event or corporate function can be a challenge, and one of the most important considerations is the food. Hiring a catering company that can handle the event efficiently is a must to ensure the success of your event.

Finding the Right Caterers 

Whether you are looking for a caterer, team building activities or marquee for hire birmingham, London, Manchester and other large UK cities have plenty of options available. Of course, it's easy to find a catering company by simply searching online, although to ensure you work with a reliable and experienced catering and event services company, you may want to ask your co-workers or business contacts for recommendations. Make sure the caterers can adequately handle the number of people you expect; a company used to providing food for 30 people may not be the best choice if you have several hundred attendees. Most catering companies specialize in a specific size of event, and are used to the logistics of providing food for that number of people. Health and safety are important too when it comes to catering food for an event of any size, and you should ask to see the company's licence. Any good caterers should be able to provide you with an accurate quotation, and be able to answer any questions about their pricing, product and service.

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Taste the Food

Of course, the quality and variety of the food is one of the key aspects of any event or corporate function, and a reputable catering company will be more than willing to discuss their menu with you, and allow you to sample it. You can get an accurate idea of what to expect at the actual event by tasting their food, as well as an insight into the freshness, presentation, and the serving sizes. Don't be afraid to ask to have the menu adjusted, or to ask for a specific item to be included; a good caterers will also make some allowance for those with specific dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, gluten free, etc. A good catering company should be able to tell you about their ingredients, where their food is from, and whether the dishes contain any allergens, such as nuts. You should also ask them how long their chef has been in business; a chef with plenty of experience and industry knowledge is more important than how long the catering company has been in business.